Book Hungry Bears

Melody's Crabby Day / Melody Can Be Anything

The Bears learn that a new playmate can add something fun and exciting to your project that you might not expect. Melody is upset when a new crab friend seems to ruin her sandcastle, but she learns that the crab is only trying to play in a different way. BOOK: 'Scribble' The shapes Circle, Square and Triangle learn how to play with their new friend, Scribble. --- The Bears learn to value their similarities AND differences. Melody tries to be like her friends and realizes that she is similar to each of them in some ways while different in others, and in some ways, they are ALL the same. BOOK: 'Fox and Squirrel' Squirrel learns that he and his friend Fox are different in a lot of ways, but they also have a lot of things in common and both are okay!