Book Hungry Bears

Scout and the Special Stone / Boomer and the Opposites Day

The Bears learn about possession: 'mine', 'yours' and 'ours', when Scout finds a special stone on the beach and suggests the other Bears all find one too. When the stones get mixed up together, Scout suggests that all the stones are 'ours'. BOOK: "The Trip" A little girl and her dog take a special trip to outer space where they run into some friendly aliens and learn that some things are 'yours', some things are 'mine', and some things are ours to share. --- Boomer realizes that busy times seem to pass quickly, and quieter times seem to pass slowly for him. The Bears have physical fun learning opposites to inspire and describe different ways to move. BOOK: "The Quickly Slowly Day" A little bear cub and his mom go about their daily activities and the bear cub learns that some things seem to go quickly while other things seem to go so slowly!