Book Hungry Bears

Crystal's Log /Boomer the Great Juggler

Crystal finds a log and tries to find a way for all of the Bears to play with it. She almost gives up, but then discovers that the log is best used for leaning on when reading a good book. BOOK: The Last Crayon Six squirrels discover a pack of crayons and each chooses a colour that matches them and a colour found in nature. The squirrel with the last crayon is uncertain about the colour grey but uses it to draw a picture that the other squirrels can colour in. --- The Bears learn that sharing can bring others happiness when Boomer, who is having fun juggling three pinecones, gives each one away to his friends in need until he has none left for himself. BOOK: One Bird Band A musical bird gives all its instruments away to cheer up others, leaving him with no instrument of his own.