Book Hungry Bears

Melody and the Big Hill / Crystal's Surprise

The Bears climb a big hill to reach a book, but Melody slows them down. The others create different ways of motivating Melody to keep climbing. In the end, it is Melody who has to invent a way to get her friends to make it all the way to the top to enjoy the view. BOOK: Soon A baby elephant and his mum go on an amazing journey past many animals and make some amazing discoveries along the way. --- When Crystal and Scout try to make a surprise Snow Bear for Boomer and Melody, they are confused when Boomer and Melody make the same surprise Snow Bear for them. The Bears learn that it is not the surprise that's important, it's the thought. BOOK: Handa's Surprise Handa carries a basket of fruit on her head and walks to the next village to surprise her friend. But along the way, she is unaware that a variety of jungle creatures take the fruit from her basket. Then when her basket is unexpectedly filled with tangerines, it surprises both her and her friend.