Book Hungry Bears

Super Book Bear Boomer / Scout Finds His Match

On the hunt for books, the Bears become tired and need to rest - except for Boomer who is full of energy. Boomer keeps playing on his own and is excited to find a book but learns to respect other's need for rest when he starts to feel tired too. BOOK: Daddy Cuddle A young rabbit tries to wake his father so they can play - only to discover that cuddling is the best game of all. --- The Bears learn that finding similarities with others can be fun. When all the other Bears find animals who look similar to them, Scout is determined to also find his animal match! BOOK: The Little Little Girl with the Big Big Voice A little girl tries to find someone to play with, but keeps scaring them away with her big voice- until she finds someone who is just as loud as she is and they have fun playing together.