Book Hungry Bears

Scout's Apple / Boomer's Snowball

Scout persists, trying to get an apple from a tree with the help of his friends, so he can give it to a pig on the farm. The Bears learn not to give up! If at first you don't succeed, try, and try again. BOOK: Where's My Stick? A dog buries stick after stick but each time she goes to look for them, they're gone. In the end, she persists and finds her last sticks, but not where she left them. --- Boomer tries to keep a special snowball he has made but it keeps getting smaller as it melts in the Bears' paws. His friends each pitch in with a creative suggestion as to how to keep it from melting and end up with the best solution- they make a snow bear and place the snowball in its cold paw. BOOK: Up! About the various ways different families carry a baby: In arms, Shawl, Parka, Sling or even a Baby-pack