Book Hungry Bears

Melody's Missing Voice / Crystal's Snow Castle

The Bears are singing to attract books but Melody thinks she's swallowed a fly and refuses to open her mouth. The others try using the sounds from other animals to help attract books, but discover that only Melody's voice will do, learning that some things are irreplaceable. BOOK: Piglet and Mama A baby pig can't find her mom. She meets various other animals who offer to do fun things while she looks for her mom, but only her mom will do. --- When Melody builds a castle in the snow, Crystal, Boomer and Scout try to make an identical castle; but no matter how hard Crystal tries, she can't make their castle look exactly the same as Melody's. The Bears learn that everything and everyone is unique and special. BOOK: No Two Alike Two birds fly through a winter snow-scape, noticing that, while many things are very similar, they are never exactly the same.