Elinor Wonders Why

Burrowing Owl Girl / Olive's Tree

Elinor is very excited because she's visiting her grandparents in the desert. While out exploring with her grandmother, the always curious Elinor comes across a peculiar looking owl that is smaller than any other owl she's ever seen. Even more peculiar, this owl is out during the day! How can that be? After some careful observations she realizes she DOESN'T know everything there is to know about owls and learns that the owl she spotted is a burrowing owl, which lives in the desert and runs around during the day. Elinor is reminded that Nature is full of surprises! --- Olive shows her friends her favorite tree in the forest. The next day, however, they're sad to see that the tree has fallen over. The three little scientists set out to find out why and soon learn that Olive's tree has simply entered the final stage of its life cycle. Trees go from a seed, to sprout, to sapling, to full mature tree and finally, to a wildlife tree, which is a tree that has fallen over. Even though the tree has fallen, Olive is comforted to know that it will still be around for a long time, providing a home to many creatures in the forest.