Elinor Wonders Why

Butterfly Babies / Elinor's Circus

The kids are observing butterflies and caterpillars when they realize that they've never seen a baby butterfly! How can this be?! They decide that they just need more observations and head off to investigate, but they still don't find any baby butterflies. They do come across many caterpillars, though, and to their surprise, they witness the metamorphosis occur -from caterpillar to chrysalis, then from chrysalis to butterfly.Then they realize, a caterpillar IS a baby butterfly! Amazing! --- Elinor, Ari and Olive decide to put on a circus for all their friends! They each have acts that involve balancing, but unfortunately, they're not great at it. They seek out some tips from their friend Siggy the squirrel, who is great at balancing. Siggy explains that a tail like his can help you balance, but extending your body or using long poles will help too. Bravo, the show is saved!