Elinor Wonders Why

A Wonderful Journey

Elinor and her friends have a curious and fun adventure when they go camping with Ranger Rabbit to Hidden Lake, a place in the forest that they've never been to before. On their wonderful journey, they bump into Bianca, an inventor and good friend of Ranger Rabbit's who studies frogs. But, on a hike to help Bianca observe them, the kids discover that the frogs seem to be missing from the lake. Why? It's up to Elinor, Bianca and her friends to solve the mystery of the missing frogs. Together, they discover the source of the problem: the lake is being dammed by sticks from a nearby road clearing project, causing the frogs to leave. By asking questions and getting inspiration from nature, the team invents a new tool that looks like a frog's tongue to break loose the dam and save the frogs!