Elinor Wonders Why

The Unsinkable Lynx / Rocky the Rock

It's a very snowy day and Elinor, Ari and Olive meet a new friend, Gael the lynx, who has just moved to Animal Town. The kids decide to play some fun SNOW TAG and it quickly becomes clear that Gael is a master at the game. He moves impossibly fast in the snow. How does he do it? After some careful observations, the kids discover that Gael's paws are much wider than theirs, which helps him walk on top of the snow, instead of sinking down into it. This discovery inspires the kids to make their own wide snowshoes! --- Ari spots a funny looking rock with a smile on it, and decides to make it his new friend. When its time for a snack, Ari notices that Rocky doesn't eat anything, which makes him worried. How will Ari take care of his friend rocky? Enlisting the help of his friends, they wonder: Are rocks alive? They make observations about what living things do and compare them to what Rocky does, which sparks a lively class debate! The kids decide that rocks are not alive, but that they can still be friends with Nature.