Elinor Wonders Why

Episode 31

It's Olive's birthday party and everyone has given her a book as a present, which makes Olive very happy! However, when she goes to her room to put them away, Olive finds there's no more room. Her shelf is CRAMMED full of books. What should she do with all these books? While outside playing, the kids observe how ants share food by storing it in a special communal room. Inspired by this, the kids help Olive make a little lending library so she can share her books with everyone in Animal Town! --- It's Nature Day at school and Elinor, Olive and Ari have to make a Nature Walk at recess. But it's a windy day and they run into problems when their arrow signs keep blowing over, confusing their classmates and causing them to get turned around on the nature path. Fortunately, the three kids learn how to improve their signs by copying an idea from the trees: underground roots! The kids bury the bottom part of their arrows signs, just like a tree, which works perfectly!