Elinor Wonders Why

Butterfly Party / More Than One Right Way

It's Olive's Mom's birthday and Olive wants to organize something really special for her: a garden party with REAL butterflies. But how can they get butterflies to come to the party? The kids set off to observe butterflies and figure out that butterflies like certain kinds of flowers, and not others. ms. Mole offers to let them transplant some butterfly-friendly plants from her garden to Olive's, and it works! Before long, Olive's backyard is fluttering with butterflies, just in time for Olive's Mom to enjoy her birthday party! --- It's Halloween, and Elinor, Ari and Olive arrive in the classroom to discover Ms. Mole putting up pumpkin decorations. The enthusiastic kids want to help, so Ms. Mole suggests they make spiderweb decorations with yarn and glue. But when each kid makes a different-looking spiderweb, they're not sure which one is the most like a real web. After observing different spiders in nature, the kids realize that different kinds of spiders make different kinds of webs, which means they were all right! They then head back into school to decorate the classroom and have a happy Halloween!