Elinor Wonders Why

Speed Racer / One of These Goats

Elinor has a need for speed and wants to make her racecar go faster! So she and her friends observe birds and fish and come to realize that they are both very fast because of their shape of their bodies, tails and wings. The kids then decide the best way to make their race car go faster is by changing its shape. They make the car more aerodynamic by building it the same shape as a bird or fish. Ready, set.... gooooo! --- Substitute Teacher Mr. Hamster wants to learn everyone's names, but he has trouble telling the Goat twins apart, so Elinor, Ari and Olive decide to help him. This is tricky because the Goat Twins look so much alike, especially today, when they've decided to wear the same colour dress. After observing them closely and studying each Goat's characteristics, the kids realize that even though the Goats are very similar, there are many small ways to tell them apart if only you take a closer look.