Elinor Wonders Why

Feed the Birds / Senor Tapir Says Adios

Elinor is friends with a chickadee bird she names Chicky, but when snow covers the yard, she starts to worry about how Chicky will find food in the winter.She and her friends then observe that birds all have a unique way of finding food during the winter months called foraging. This new knowledge inspires Elinor, Olive and Ari to build bird feeders to make food easier to find for their feathery friends! ---- Elinor and her friends are sad after they learn that Senor Tapir is leaving Animal Town for the winter. They decide to give him a special going away present, but don't know what they should give him. The next morning, Elinor is woken up by a flock of birds making a special sound in the forest. She goes exploring with her mom and learns that some birds make a special call when they migrate, and that they leave, but always come back. This gives Elinor some comfort and inspiration: She and her friends come up with a going away song for Senor Tapir and sing it to him before he leaves.