Elinor Wonders Why

Wind in the Web / The Pokey Plant

Elinor and her friends volunteer to help Mr. Raccoon put up a sign for his bakery, but the sign keeps blowing away in the fall breeze. After Elinor observes a spider in its web and how the wind doesn't seem to affect the web at all, she learns things that are wide will catch the wind, but if they have lots of holes like a spider's web, they will not. They try this new idea on their sign and cut holes in it, and it works. Problem solved, and just in time for all the folks to notice the sign and buy Mr. Raccoon's yummy baked treats! --- It's Plant Day at school and Elinor is super excited to get a beautiful plant to take home! When she gets a cactus, she's a little disappointed at first, but after some careful observations, she and her friends learn lots of cool things about the cactus, like how it grows in the desert, how it doesn't need much water and how the spikes keep it safe. Elinor decides her cactus is the coolest plant ever!