Elinor Wonders Why

Zig Zag Plant / Butterfly Drinks

A mystery is afoot at Elinor's school when one of the class plants grows in an unusual shape. Instead of growing straight up like the other plants, this plant is growing in a zig-zag pattern! Elinor and her friends investigate what could have happened to this plant to make it grow like that. After learning that most plants always grow up towards the sky, the kids piece together the clues and discover that this plant spent some time on its side, and then some time right side up, resulting in the zig-zap pattern! The kids love the shape of this plant, and name it "the Zig Zag Plant. ---- Insect Day is coming up at school and Elinor couldn't be more thrilled to finish her home-made butterfly costume. However, she quickly runs into a problem because she can't drink anything when her hands are busy being the wings in her costume! Elinor sets out to solve the problem with her Dad by learning how real butterflies drink. After some careful watching, she realizes that a butterfly doesn't even have a mouth but a proboscis, which looks like a long straw, and that's how they drink nectar from a flower! This gives Elinor the idea to add a super long drinking straw to complete her costume.