Elinor Wonders Why

The Tomato Drop / Look What I Can Do

Elinor, Ari and Olive are having a fun day at the Animal Town Tomato Festival, but the day is about to get even better as they enter the 'tomato drop' contest. After their first two tomatoes smash into goop when they hit the ground, the kids have to figure out a better way to drop their tomatoes. This is when Elinor notices other things falling softly in Nature, like the fall leaves or feathers from birds. Using those things as inspiration, Elinor and friends quickly cobble together a tomato parachute, with a scarf as the chute. Sure enough, when Elinor drops their tomato chute... it falls slowly and lands intact! YAY! --- Elinor and her friends are playing soccer. Elinor and Ari notice all their friends are pretty good at the game, but they aren't. After further observation, they realize all their friends have a specific talent that makes them good during play. With Ms. Mole's help Elinor's realizes everyone has their own special abilities. Ari can fly so he makes an awesome goalie. And Elinor's talent? Bouncing the ball with her ears - GOOOAL!