Elinor Wonders Why

Backyard Soup / Colorful and Tasty

Elinor loves making "Backyard Soup" because all the ingredients come from their backyard garden! She's eager to try the same recipe when she visits her Grandma and Grandpa, but their backyard is a lot different than Elinor's because they live in the desert! Elinor then learns that all different plants that grow in different environments as she makes a whole different "Backyard Soup" with her grandparents, where the main ingredient is cactus! --- Elinor and her friends are selling lots of yummy cupcakes, but the problem is no one is buying any! The kids don't understand what's wrong because everyone loves cupcakes! After observing how flowers attract bees through colour and smell, they go back to their bake sale and decorate the table with fantastic colours and use a fan to spread the aroma of the cupcakes and before they know it, the place is "buzzing" and they sell every cupcake!