Elinor Wonders Why

Bubble House / The Syrup Tree

The kids find a spittle bug, which is a bug that lives in bubbles!They watch it building itself a bubble house and it inspires the kids to build a bubble house of their very own! They try to make one big bubble but it's a lot harder than they thought and the bubbles keep popping. After observing the spittle bug a bit more closely, they realize it uses its body like a straw to blow lots of small bubbles, so the kids imitate the spittle bug by blowing lots and lots of little bubbles in a pile and it works. Their very own bubble house! --- The kids are helping Farmer Bear as she makes her famous maple syrup by collecting tree sap and boiling it until it's syrupy, then pouring it into bottles. There's one problem though, there's a lot of bottles to fill and she only has one ladle. Inspired by how tree sap delivers nutrients to the entire tree, Elinor and her friends make the perfect delivery system that resembles branches on a tree that distributes the syrup to multiple bottles. Time for some pancakes!