Elinor Wonders Why

Elinor's Fishy Friend / Do the Crane Dance

Elinor is on a bit of a fish kick, so she's super happy when she comes across a new fish friend in the pond. Elinor names her friend Spotty and can't wait to show Olive and Ari, but after some time passes, she notices something peculiar about Spotty. She's grown legs! After some careful observation, the kids determine that Spotty is not a fish at all - she's a tadpole turning into a frog. Elinor couldn't be happier with her new frog friend, because now she's on a frog kick. --- After Mr. Lion demonstrates a fun dance for the kids, he encourages them to come up with their own dance routine to express something that they think is special. Elinor, Ari and Olive see that the other kids are coming up with awesome dances, but can't think of what their dance should be about. When they observe some nearby cranes, they discover that even birds dance to communicate and express their feelings. Inspired, the kids do a dance that communicates to their friends what they learned and how happy they are to have discovered these amazing animals.