Elinor Wonders Why

The Little Drummer / Rest is Best

Ari is showing off his new drum moves to Elinor and Olive when Ari's mother asks him to be quieter so Ari's sister can take a nap. Ari puts a blanket inside his drum to make it quiet, except that after Ari stops drumming, the drumming sounds continue! Where could they be coming from? The kids soon realize it's a woodpecker outside, pecking on the mailbox. They decide to put a blanket inside the mailbox to make it quiet, which makes the woodpecker fly off to find a better drumming spot. Ahh, Ari's sister can finally take a nap. --- After Olive stays up most of the night reading a fun book, she decides she's going to stay up late every night until she finishes. That makes the kids wonder, why do they need to sleep anyway? They observe nature to try to understand and find different animals resting in different ways. After observing that Olive has trouble focusing and keeps yawning, the kids discover that all animals need some sort of rest in order to regain energy and stay healthy.