Big Words, Small Stories

Art Attack

Cris and Crat are at Jerome Du Chocolat's gala. Crat notices a roped-off room and a sculpture covered in cloth. Crat goes in, lifts the cloth, but accidentally knocks and breaks the sculpture! Cris says to just tell the artist what he did. Crat decides he will put the sculpture back together. A reluctant Cris tries to distract Jerome and the crowd. He checks on Crat who has seemingly glued the sculpture back together, but it breaks again! Cris goes back, while Crat tapes the sculpture up. He puts the cloth back on and walks away, but his foot catches the cloth and the sculpture crashes down. Everyone goes to see the grand reveal, but as Jerome is introducing it, Crat breaks down and apologises. Jerome pulls the cloth off to reveal the shabby sculpture, but he thinks it's artistic!