Big Words, Small Stories

Stick at It

Davey wants to make an Eiffel Tower with popsicle sticks. The task is difficult, and Abigail is impressed with Davey's perseverance. Davey thinks he's finished the first part but he accidentally made it upside down! He is determined to try again. Abigail, Nani Ji and Judy help him rebuild, but it turns out there are chipmunks in the popsicle stick box! They take a handful of sticks and run off up a tree. Davey decides to use the twigs from the tree instead, and has one part to go. Abigail, nervous, says she can't watch and is going to her house, which gives him an idea. Using a rope pulley system, he lifts the last piece up and over the completed section on Abigail's roof. Persevering to the end, Davey gets stuck inside the finished tower, but wriggles himself out.