Big Words, Small Stories

Gloomy Gardening

Poppy reluctantly agrees to help Liam and Aunt Ria garden when she really wants to stay inside and play with her veggie garden kit. In order to avoid gardening, Poppy points out that the clouds look ominous and tries to convince everyone a storm is coming. No one believes her and they all say a few drops won't hurt. Suddenly there are storm sounds, but everyone finds out they're just coming from Poppy's tablet. Poppy helps plant seeds when the Strongwoman approaches and says they should get inside because of the clouds. Poppy is glad she's not the only one who thinks so. She borrows the Strongwoman's fan and uses it to create fake wind but gets found out. Now she's forced to do weeding. Then it actually does start raining and everyone goes inside. Poppy finally gets to play with her kit.