Big Words, Small Stories

Winter Wonderland

When he wakes up to heavy snowfall, Davey is super enthusiastic to go outside and play. They can go sledding, build an ice fortress, all kinds of fun things! However, Abigail is much less enthusiastic and would rather stay inside where it's nice and warm. Davey convinces her to head outside with him, but she really does not want to participate in any of the snow related activities and mainly just complains of the cold. Luckily, they bump into Poppy and Chaz and Poppy is as excited as Davey about the snow activities. They play happily together having a great time while Chaz and Abigail avoid joining in as much as they can. Finally Poppy and Davey are feeling a bit cold too and decide to head home, much to the joy of Chaz and Abigail who cannot wait to be back indoors.