Big Words, Small Stories

Dance Danger

Sally teaches Oleander dance moves, but Oleander hurts her ankle. While resting, Oleander asks for a blankie, pillow and hot chocolate. When they bring her these, they aren't to her liking. They bring a bunch of different blankets and pillows, and more hot chocolates, but they're still not good enough. She's making them so exasperated! Oleander realises it's Saturday, which is when she walks the Queen's dogs. Sally says she can walk them, but is super tired afterwards. Next, Sally goes to a paper mâché workshop for Oleander, but glues balloons to her hands and head! Dad Ben reminds Oleander of the Tippy-Toe Tapathon and Sally goes in her place, and she comes home absolutely exasperated! She's upset she's not good at things like Oleander, but they rest together and it doesn't matter anymore.