Big Words, Small Stories

Captain Crankypants

Cris and Crat are playing frisbee in the backyard but the frisbee gets stuck in a tree near the fence, and as Crat goes to retrieve it, Cris warns that he does not want to fall into Captain Crankypants' backyard. He's a real curmudgeon. The frisbee falls into his backyard, and as Crat tries to look over the fence, he is accidentally flung over the other side! Cris and the twins rush next door and ring the doorbell but there's no answer, and Cris envisions Crankypants dumping Crat in a huge pile of balls and junk. They try the back door and spot Crankypants in his yard, and Cris tries to use his courage to approach him, but instead hides in the bushes with the twins. They emerge and see Crat through the window which propels Cris to bang angrily on the door and Crankypants appears looking grumpy. Cris begs for Crat back, but it turns out Crankypants isn't a curmudgeon at all and was just taking care of Crat. He's actually a very nice old man!