Big Words, Small Stories

Baby the Baby

Oleander and Baby Massimo watch Aunt Delilah's performance, where she's playing the Big Bad Wolf! Oleander thinks it's too scary for Massimo and tries to mollycoddle him. She pulls funny faces and puts earmuffs on him, but he's crawled to the front of the stage! As the Narrator and Aunt Delilah recite their lines, Oleander rushes on stage, grabs the storybook from the Narrator and changes the lines to something less scary. But now the whole audience is asleep! As Oleander rushes to Massimo, she gets caught in the spotlight and is now part of the show as the little pig! As she acts, Massimo crawls on stage and chases Aunt Delilah with his rattle. The Wolf surrenders to Massimo - turns out he didn't need any mollycoddling! Papa Teddy fell asleep and has pins and needles, and now Oleander is mollycoddling him.