Big Words, Small Stories

Roll With It

Whilst in the park trying to fly their kite, Cris and Crat realise they don't have anything on them to pay for a smoothie. Crat however, trips on a rock and discovers a voucher for a free smoothie. They can't believe how fortuitous this is and Crat decides to keep the rock for good luck. They note several other fortuitous things happening like Crat winning his favourite smoothie, just missing a collision with a dog and the wind for their kite picking up. The wind is a little too strong though and their kite gets stuck in the tree then fortuitously knocked out. Cris thinks when it begins to rain that the luck has run out. However, a rainbow appears and they just escape getting snapped up in the umbrella, so it seems their luck has returned. Crat finds the rock and realises fortuitous things happen even when it's not around!