Big Words, Small Stories

Sandy Paws

Davey and his family are going to the beach. Abigail doesn't want to go, but reluctantly agrees. But she's lollygagging as she gets ready. At the beach, she's forced into a game of beach volleyball against the chipmunks. Because of her lollygagging, they lose the match. Davey says there's an obstacle course, which Abigail also tries to get out of. Again, because of her lollygagging, they lose to the chipmunks. Abigail wants to go home, but there's a sandcastle building competition. Abigail builds a ditch around the castle, and Davey says they're going to lose if she continues. The chipmunks have seemingly won, when the tide comes in and destroys their castle. Davey and Abigail's remains intact thanks to the ditch, and her lollygagging makes them win!