Big Words, Small Stories

Wobbly Watching

Poppy is so excited about seeing the film adaptation of her favourite book 'The Witches of Wobbly Terrace' she decides to stay up all night rereading it. The next day she's clearly exhausted - but worried her Aunt Ria will cancel the outing she enlists Chaz to help her stay awake which isn't easy as she's basically asleep on her feet. When they sit down to the movie Poppy can barely contain her excitement but when the lights dim, and the film starts Poppy is out like a light. She sleeps soundly through the entire thing and wakes up to see the credits rolling. She's devastated but luckily her Aunt Ria had an inkling of what was going on and bought tickets to the next session. Poppy is very grateful, and watches enthralled while Chaz and her Aunt have a little nap themselves.