Big Words, Small Stories


Poppy is bored while her and Chaz wait for a meteor shower. When it finally arrives, she realises how spectacular it is! Chaz wishes they could see that every night, and Poppy has an idea. She gets to work on making a hanging mobile, with stars and planets and meteors. Chaz thinks they should make a plan first. He sees what Poppy has done and asks why the stars are wonky and the planet has a smiley face. She says it looks cute, and Chaz says it isn't supposed to be cute. He makes his own version, but Poppy wonders where all the love hearts and animals are. Chaz says there's none of those in space. Poppy agrees to follow his plan, but still ends up putting in love hearts. At first Chaz is mortified, but when he sees it, he loves it! It's like a whole new galaxy.