Big Words, Small Stories

Poppy's Pizza

It's time for Colossus' Big is Best Veggie Fest! This year's chosen food is pizza, and Poppy wants to make her and Chaz's gargantuan! Poppy gets lots of big ingredients, and because Liam's pan is too small, she lays out a large patch of tinfoil outside. Her and Chaz kneed the giant dough, and Poppy makes the sauce in the bathtub! Liam asks why they couldn't make the pizza smaller, but Poppy insists it must be gargantuan. With Liam and Aunt Ria's help, they get the sauce and toppings onto the gargantuan pizza. Liam wonders how they will cook it, so they call Davey, who uses one of his inventions to cook the pizza. But Aunt Ria asks how they will get it to the festival. Luckily, Strongwoman and the rest of the panel come to them. They all taste test and Poppy and Chaz end up winning!