Big Words, Small Stories

Chipmunk Challenge

Cris and Crat are watching Bartholomew in the park while Aunt Delilah rehearses a play. Cris is set up to practice juggling when some chipmunks appear and show him their amazing juggling skills. After he applauds them, Cris turns and sees his boombox is missing, he's been bamboozled! He and Crat try to get it back, but the chipmunks manage to bamboozle them again and steal more of their stuff. Crat decides the only way to get their stuff back is to bamboozle the bamboozlers. They set a trap for the chipmunks with a whistle and while Cris plays along with them Crat sneaks into their burrow and snatches their stuff back. Excited to have his boombox back Cris presses play only nothing happens. He checks the back of it and discovers there's no batteries. Bamboozled again!