Big Words, Small Stories

Scratchy Snow Day

Heading out for a snow day, Davey gifts Abigail some booties he knitted to keep her paws warm. However, the booties are very itchy, and Abigail is extremely uncomfortable. She wants to tell Davey but is worried she'll hurt his feelings so instead claims to love them. As the activities go on Davey almost catches Abigail muttering about the booties and when she tries to cover it up, he assumes her head is cold and gives her earmuffs and a scarf! Now even more uncomfortable Abigail is struggling to keep it in, then when Davey gifts her a head-to-toe knitted safety suit and she ends up crashing on the sled it's the last straw. She tells him just how itchy and scratchy she's been this whole time and Davey says she should have been honest; he would never want her to feel that way!