Big Words, Small Stories

The Big Race

After the chipmunks tease Sally about her scooter, she challenges them to a race around the park. The chipmunks take off before Oleander says 'go' but Sally is still conscientious and fixes her helmet. When she finally goes, the sneaky chipmunks take a shortcut! Oleander finds somewhere Sally can cut through, but Sally refuses to cheat. Oleander says she'll never beat them! As the chipmunks avoid a dog, they fly into a shallow fountain and get drenched. As Sally scoots, the chipmunks sail past her as they are being pulled by the dog's lead. Sally can't catch up but still refuses to cheat. Just before the chipmunks reach the finish, the dog gets distracted by a hot dog cart, sending them flying into a tub of mustard. Sally wins and being conscientious paid off after all!