Big Words, Small Stories

Wildlife Strife

Davey is trying to take a photo of a butterfly, but it flies away. Davey spots it and is about to take a photo when two chipmunks start being rambunctious and scare it off. Abigail says she'll keep an eye on the chipmunks, and the butterfly lands on a mushroom. That's when the chipmunks swing in and scare it away again. The butterfly flutters towards a fountain with 'chipmunk statues' - but they spring to life and spurt water everywhere! Davey gets hold of the butterfly again near a slippery dip when the chipmunks parachute down. Davey has had enough and now it's time for him to be rambunctious. He starts skateboarding, and the chipmunks follow. They flop down and lie on the grass, when the butterfly returns and lands on Davey's noise. Abigail takes the snap, but Davey is asleep!