Big Words, Small Stories

Potato Puzzle

Aunt Delilah gives Cris and Crat a puzzle box, but they find potatoes instead of pieces in there. They ask if she knows how they got there but she doesn't have a clue. They face a conundrum! They ask Chaz as he was the last one to borrow the puzzle. He doesn't know, but says he lent the puzzle to Al. He also doesn't know, but says he lent the puzzle to the Salesman. The Salesman says he might have muddled up the pieces in shoe boxes and that they're welcome to have a look. As they almost give up solving this conundrum, Grandpa Rex arrives and says he's lost his lunch and found puzzle pieces instead! Everyone wonders how they got there, when Aunt Delilah reveals she was learning lines and doing the puzzle when Grandpa came home with groceries and must have put them in the wrong place!