Big Words, Small Stories

Wild and Wonderful

Davey is excited to go the gallery for a sculpting class with Abigail. However, he gets nervous when he sees the teacher is Jerome Du Chocolat. Davey worries he's a little too eccentric for him but luckily, he's running late, and Aunt Delilah is teaching. Davey soon finds out Delilah is just as eccentric, if not more, and as much as Davey is enjoying the sculpting, his work is very literal and Delilah keeps telling him to do whackier, more abstract things. Then when Jerome shows up Davey is even more self-conscious about his work. He confides in Abigail that he would like to go home, he doesn't think he can do what they're asking. Abigail gives him a pep talk and just tells him to let go and try to have fun. In the end Davey does just this and creates an amazing sculpture that everyone loves.