Big Words, Small Stories

Squeaky's Return

When Anna-Maria asks that Davey and Abigail sort through their toybox so they can donate some things, Abigail really struggles. She feels sentimental about everything, especially Squeaky her old and very grubby dolphin toy. Anna-Maria says she can keep Squeaky if she cleans him up. Abigail has a big pile of things she wants to keep, and Davey tells her he will hold on to them while she and Judy work on Squeaky. Abigail and Judy have a ball washing and repairing Squeaky and, in the end, Abigail decides Judy should have the toy. Just at the moment she hands Squeaky to its new owner, Davey appears with an amazing lamp he fashioned out of all of Abigail's other items. Abigail loves it so much, all her most sentimental items rolled into one!