Big Words, Small Stories

Jokey Pants

When Sally is doubled over laughing at a joke Poppy made at the park, Oleander is very jealous. Sally keeps talking about how hilarious Poppy is and Oleander agrees, she's funny but not that funny. Oleander works hard to try and remind Sally of all the hilarious things she's done over time and Sally admits some of it was funny but not hilarious. Oleander can't shake how much this is bothering her, so she tries to do some funny things to prove her point. Like dressing in a ridiculous outfit and telling jokes - but Sally is not impressed and definitely doesn't laugh in the way she laughed at Poppy's joke. Oleander decides to play with Massimo and begins impersonating an elephant to make him laugh. Sally comes out and sees this and laughs and laughs, Oleander is hilarious!