Big Words, Small Stories

Huge Blob

Poppy and Chaz have created an epic blob, but they can't move it from the counter. None of the adults can either. It's made from flour and water which makes glue so that's why it's stuck. They try to break it into pieces using a rolling pin, hammer and shoe, but instead those items break! It's indestructible! Al comes in to get his order and also tries to destroy the blob using the same items. He also tries his lucky rock, but nothing works! Al says it might be the most indestructible thing in the world and says it's a good story for the Colossus Chronicle. The Strongwoman arrives and tries her hand at the blob but even she fails! Papa Teddy and Massimo enter, and Massimo shakes his rattle and flings it into the air. It hits the blob and breaks it into pieces!