Big Words, Small Stories


Davey and Abigail are at Al's cafe, where Davey is playing Flickityball. Abigail tells him to stop so they won't get on Al's bad side. Al notices and tells Davey he's the town champion. An audacious Davey challenges Al to a game for the title. Abigail objects because if Davey beats him, he won't serve them pies anymore. At the Colossus Flickityball Championship, everyone watches eagerly. Al scores a goal in the first three seconds, but then Davey gets one too. Davey scores again and could easily win, but Abigail pleads that he doesn't. Davey then uses one of Al's moves to score double points and wins the game! Everyone cheers but Abigail is sobbing. Al approaches Davey and Abigail thinks it's over, but he instead congratulates him and gives them free pies for life! But only the gross ones.