Big Words, Small Stories

Excuse Me

Poppy eats pizza with lots of mushrooms before going to see Aunt Delilah's play. During the play, she burps very loudly! She says 'excuse me' but everyone looks at her and she doesn't know why. Chaz says because it was inappropriate. Poppy keeps burping and they have to leave. They go to the library so Chaz can read the book of the play, but Poppy yells loudly, then trips over. Very inappropriate at a library! Back at the pizza restaurant, Poppy makes fun of a customer's outfit and they leave. She realises that was inappropriate, and wonders how to stop. It seems she can't get the hang of it, when she visits Oleander. She burps in front of Massimo and apologises, but he can't stop laughing! She realises there's a time and place to be inappropriate.