Big Words, Small Stories

Piece Of Cake

Cris asks Grandpa Rex about Grandma one afternoon. He reveals she loved to bake, so Cris decides to bake a cake to remind him of her. Grandma was an expert, so the cake has to be scrumptious. Cris and Crat bake their first sample which Christine tries and says is really yummy. Yummy isn't good enough, it needs to be scrumptious! They bake their second sample, which Christopher tries and says is delicious. Still not good enough! Cris and Crat bake their third sample, which Chrissy and Christy try. They say it's totally scrumptious! Satisfied, they bake the real thing, and play checkers while waiting. But smoke comes from the kitchen and they realise they forgot to set the oven timer! The cake is no longer scrumptious, but a disaster. Grandpa Rex reveals that Grandma burnt everything too!