Big Words, Small Stories

From The Heart

Cris is painting a picture of his parents as a present on their anniversary, and they'll be home in an hour. But Cris is being pernickety - he has to find the right shade of red, the easel is lopsided, and it's too dark to paint. Crat warns he won't finish in time. Now outside, there's too much light and mom's hair isn't curly enough. Crat says to paint from the heart, but the twins warn their parents are on their way home! Cris becomes bothered by flies, being pernickety again. He finally starts to paint - but his parents are home! Cris accidentally falls on his painting and smears it. He adds some final touches and shows his parents. They love it! And while Cris was being pernickety, Crat was productive and did a lot of paintings!