Big Words, Small Stories

Time for Time

Poppy, Chaz and Aunt Ria are at the museum to see the Glorious Clock. They get called for the tour, but Aunt Ria is dillydallying. They ask her to join, but she says she doesn't do tours. She takes them to look at paintings. Poppy asks if her and Chaz can join the tour and meet her later. Aunt Ria says it's more fun to stay together. Chaz is about to bring up the time when Aunt Ria says it's snack time. She then says she has to pop into the gift shop next. Poppy and Chaz wonder how one person can dillydally so much! The Museum Announcer says it will close soon, so they all go to see the clock. Poppy and Chaz are in awe, and want to go to the gift shop to get their toy. The announcer says the toys are sold out. Poppy and Chaz are disappointed, but Aunt Ria reveals she got them one earlier!