Big Words, Small Stories

Tall Tales

Poppy, Chaz and Liam are at the beach. Poppy then sees a sea creature in the water! She explains that it was big, hairy and had fangs, but Chaz thinks she's exaggerating. Al approaches them and Poppy tells him about the creature. He thinks it would be a good story for the Colossus Chronicle. When Aunt Delilah hears about the juicy story, she says it's just the creature she needed to see as she's playing one in her next production. Chaz tells Poppy to stop exaggerating, but she says she isn't! She talks about how it was covered in seashells and seaweed, and had three eyes, which gains Crat and the Queen's attention. Now everyone believes her except Chaz. Everyone spots the creature but it turns out to just be an inflatable toy. When everyone leaves, the real creature rises from the sea!