Big Words, Small Stories


Cris is almost finished his puzzle, but Crat wants to go kite-flying. Crat crashes into the puzzle and the pieces go everywhere! As Cris tries to clean up, the twins introduce their vacuum robot Gilbert. Crat pushes a button which causes it to suck up the puzzle pieces. Everyone chases Gilbert, which spits out all the pieces except one. It eventually spits out the last piece, but that ends up in a tree with chipmunks! Gilbert rolls up the tree, and the chipmunks drop the piece. Cris and Crat go inside to finish when they see the robot suck up the entire puzzle, then spit it out in a mess! Crat turns the situation around though, and the two finish the puzzle without all the pieces, which they like better. It's time to fly the kite - but Gilbert is still causing shenanigans!